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IAB Presents: Business of Digital: AV/VR

Business of Digital: AR/VR The Brand Experience

In the year that both Apple and Google brought Augmented Reality content development to their devices and Sony ran TV advertising for PlayStation VR, it was evident that AR and VR was more than a passing phase. Facebook announced a standalone VR headset Oculus GO and Microsoft expanded its Hololens system to enable a six pack of low-priced VR headsets. In the slipstream of sector confidence brands continued to explore the medium, record results and measure experiences. Learn how brands are using AR and VR to create valuable consumer engagement and how this will impact your go-forward strategy and campaign activity.

SIRT presents: Business of VR/AR

Sheridan Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) Presents:

Business of VR/AR for Screen-Based Industries

Please join CASO (Computer Animation Studios of Ontario) with SIRT for a full day of active sharing of learning, hands-on with test materials, content solutions and potential business partners, (including company testing booths), along with several panels on business development and commercial research opportunities.

Discussion subject areas would include:

  • Critical importance of partnering/collaboration; how to work with the ecosystem
  • Full VR/AR workflow, and where to identify a need for a partner
  • Technology funding and market delivery
  • Live interactive demos of current VR and AR technologies/tools and content creation experiences (e.g. Ontario’s BRIO software, a unique drag and drop, cloud-based VR platform to create, present and share interactive VR experiences);
  • Showcase of SIRT library of VR/AR research and demonstrations;
  • In-depth spatial VR Audio demonstration and discussion;
  • Augmented Reality business opportunities.


CASO is a non-partisan, not-for-profit industry association committed to supporting Ontario’s animation and visual effects industry, through advocacy, professional development, and marketing initiatives.

CASO members’ tickets are complimentary: non-Members $24 per ticket – Registration is mandatory:  Click here to register

SIRT: Immersive Audio & VR/AR Event

Sheridan Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) presents:

Immersive Audio & VR/AR – Bringing the audio community together

In collaboration with the Toronto Section of the Audio Engineering Society and the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers, we are bringing together VR & Immersive Audio experts to share knowledge, showcase technologies and engage with the audio industry. Our stage at Pinewood Toronto Studios will be transformed into a collaborative Immersive Audio showcase with the goal to accelerate the knowledge of all attendees.

This event is targeted at those seeking a deeper dive into the emerging ever-evolving world of spatial audio for VR. The purpose is to give participants a chance to get hands-on with the latest tech, hear from industry leaders and network with local content creators and audio professionals. The intended participants include professionals from across audio societies and unions, academic researchers, and non-academic end-user organizations.