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Welcome to the official site for the VRTO Meetup – Virtual Reality, Toronto.

VRTO is an event producer and productivity-oriented think tank, meetup and discovery group for innovators, developers, inventors, storytellers, content producers, entrepreneurs, hackers, modders, programmers, pioneers, ontologists and adventurers in virtual, augmented and blended reality technologies, content and their development.

Virtual Reality Toronto group
VRTO Meetups include practical, actionable, exploratory, philosophical and technical discussions as well as content demos about contemporary virtual and augmented reality, opportunities and threats, blue sky and resource swapping.


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VRTO (Virtual Reality, Toronto) VirtualReality.TO

Created in April of 2015 by founder Keram Malicki-Sanchez, the meetup has quickly grown into a variety of initiatives, community outreach, networks, festivals and conferences including the FIVARS VR/AR International Stories festival and competition and the VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo.

VRTO puts on public-facing events in undercovered areas of the market; in 2015 this included:

  • VAR showcase at Ryerson University‘s LaunchZone – Ontario’s largest ever virtual and augmented reality showcase
    VRTO crowd-2
  • Camp Wavelength on Toronto Island – over 150 demos were served to artists and music lovers at one of the summer’s top-rated music festivals
  • FIVARS – Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories – three venues including Metro Hall Rotunda, UG3 Live and Cadillac Lounge – over 23 projects from 12 countries, 2 sold out 8-hour days, and 2 free community outreach days served over 1000 demo to the public



Toronto is a powerhouse for independent games development, technology and filmmaking and arts and culture. This meetup is targeted towards drawing the brightest and best, the curious and motivated, the adventurous and courageous together with the aim of pushing this paradigm-shifting new medium towards its best and upper limits.