The Big List of Virtual Reality Production Resources

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Interesting companies/resources to check out:



The Elmo360 Mount with 4 QBic MS-1 cameras, for full 360º video capture without blindspot.
The Elmo360 Mount with 4 QBic MS-1 cameras, for full 360º video capture without blindspot. From



Live action:

Stitching/Panoramic Image

VR Production Tools

Developer Tools



Head Mounted Displays


StarVR 210 degree field of view
StarVR 210 degree field of view


Production Tools

Virtual Reality Content Players

  • MaxVR from Super Sinful Silicon – Designed to play Video in VR as smoothly as currently possible
  • VRPlayer – an experimental Virtual Reality Media Player for Head-Mounted Display devices

3D Spatialized Audio and Audio Pipeline Solutions

  • AstoundSound (GenAudio Inc)
  • Blue Ripple Sound: Rapture 3D SDK
  • Dolby Atmos
  • FB360 Spatial Workstation (formerly 3Dception from Two Big Ears – now owned by Facebook)
  • Hear360
  • Noise Makers Ambi Head & Ambi Pan
  • Oculus Audio SDK
  • Omnitone – Google’s open source spatial audio renderer with the cross-browser support.
  • Rondo360 – Hyperrealistic Audio for VR by Dysonic
  • Phonon 3D
  • Sound Particles – Nuno Fonseco, like CGI/particle emitter for audio
  • Harpex
  • FMOD and AudioKinetic Wwise for VR – Game Audio Pipeline Solutions

Virtual Reality Peripherals

Misc VR Apps and Services of Interest

  • Learn Immersive – “Learn Immersive puts you in a realistic 3D simulation where you discover how to complete tasks in the foreign language.”
  • Monzo – Digital Model Kits
  • Scandy – custom printed 360 spheres you can hold in your hand
  • Seene – Advanced computer vision technologies designed from the ground up for use on mobile devices in real-time applications.

VR and Immersive Video Content Distributors and Digital Marketplaces

Virtual Reality Development Grants, Foundations and Funding

  • ON WEVR – “Launch your first (or next) VR experience leveraging our community and grant program. With OnWEVR, a virtual reality producer could net anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 grant to produce their idea.”
  • Crytek’s VR First Centers

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