The Big List of Virtual Reality Hardware and Production Resources

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Interesting companies/resources to check out:





Insta360 Air
Insta360 Air


  • Kodak SP360 and SP360 4K
  • Kolor Abyss – 360 Underwater Camera casing for GoPros from Kolor
  • LG 360 Cam – a very affordable 2K integrated 360 cam
  • Live Planet – a powerful integrated 16-lens camera + end-to-end workflow solution
  • LucidCam – Pocket sized Binocular cam allows you to capture the world like your own eyes in true 3D VR
  • Luna – a small 360-integrated waterproof camera
  • Lytro Immerge – “The world’s first professional Light Field solution for cinematic VR, providing lifelike presence for live action VR through six degrees of freedom”
  • Nikon Keymission 360
  • Nokia OZO VR
  • Orah 4i from Video-Stitch
  • Orbi Prime – 360 sunglasses!
  • Point Grey Ladybug 5 USB 3.0 – 30 MP resolution covering 90% of a full sphere
  • Ricoh Theta S – Affordable 360 camera with software
  • Ricoh Theta V – 4K 30fps Video with 4-way audio
  • Ricoh Theta X – 5.7K,includes a color display for quicker, phone-free setups and image review
  • Scanse – A scanning LiDAR sensor designed to bring powerful 360 degree sensing capabilities to everyone for an affordable price.
  • Sphericam 2 – 4k, 60fps, autostitch, 6 lenses
  • Spectacles by Snap Inc. – freak out all your friends as you video record them with your eyeglasses!
  • Vuze from HumanEyes – Award-winning stereoscopic, 8-lens integrated, auto-stitching 4K “prosumer camera”
  • Vuze XR – 5.7K 3D VR & 360 Camera
  • VSN V.360° HD Camera – features Bluetooth, USB 3.0 and free software for YouTube conversion – interesting form factor
  • Yi 360 VR Camera – Pocket cam delivers 5.7K at 30fps in 360 degree, with autostitch, 12mp SONY sensors, 100mpbs Wi-Fi
  • Yi HALO VR Camera – As the newest Jump camera, it was built to work with Jump Assembler. Together they can produce high quality stitches and deliver high quality stereo VR content up to 8K x 8K
  • Z Cam S1 – 4K 60fps, 6k 30fps, Open API, integrated spherical cam with ethernet port, premium lenses, onboard sync


Live action:

Stitching/Panoramic Image

  • 3DVista Stitcher – Supports donut (oneshot) images
  • Adobe Lightroom CC 2015+
  • Adobe Photoshop (File->Automate->PhotoMerge)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (native VR playback and editing – no stitching yet)
  • Autostitch
  • KRPano – Free watermarked demos – tools for panoramic to VR videos and stills
  • Hugin
  • HumanEyes VR Studio
  • Mistika VR from SGO
  • Panorama_tools
  • Panoweaver
  • PanoramaStudio
  • PhotoVISTA
  • PTAssembler
  • PTGui
  • VolumePhoto SE
  • StereoStitch – Offers real-time 3D 360 video stitching for VR live streaming​“【oaicite:0】“​.

VR Production Tools

  • Canvas Pro 360 from Torus Media Labs – powerful VFX tools for spherical video manipulation in After Effects
  • Liquid Cinema – a unique, software-based Point of Interest director
  • Mocha VR – native 360-optimized effects tools, including 360° planar motion tracking, advanced roto & masking tools, automatic object removal
  • Skybox Studio a huge suite of tools for spherical video manipulation (for After Effects) from Mettle
  • Pano2VR and Object2VR from Garden Gnome Software
  • VRPanorama Renderer for Unity 5

Developer Tools



Head Mounted Displays

    Head Mounted Displays


StarVR 210 degree field of view
StarVR 210 degree field of view


Production Tools

Virtual Reality Content Players

  • MaxVR from Super Sinful Silicon – Designed to play Video in VR as smoothly as currently possible
  • Samsung VR
  • Skybox VR
  • VRPlayer – an experimental Virtual Reality Media Player for Head-Mounted Display devices

3D Spatialized Audio and Audio Pipeline Solutions

  • AstoundSound (GenAudio Inc)
  • Avid Pro Tools 2023 Updates – Enhanced with features for ambisonic audio production, including expanded track widths and integrated Dolby Atmos® rendering.
  • Ambi Verb HD – Contains 30 ambisonic room impulse responses for immersive content creation.
  • Blue Ripple Sound: Rapture 3D SDK
  • Dolby Atmos
  • FB360 Spatial Workstation (formerly 3Dception from Two Big Ears – now owned by Facebook)
  • Hear360
  • Noise Makers Ambi Head & Ambi Pan
  • Oculus Audio SDK
  • Omnitone – Google’s open source spatial audio renderer with the cross-browser support.
  • Rondo360 – Hyperrealistic Audio for VR by Dysonic
  • Phonon 3D
  • b360 Ambisonic Encoder – Ambisonics B encoder
  • Sound Particles – Nuno Fonseco, like CGI/particle emitter for audio
  • Harpex
  • AudioKinetic Wwise for VR – Game Audio Pipeline Solutions
  • Zephyr Ambisonic Reverb – A 3D audio binaural/surround algorithmic reverb plugin for immersive soundscapes.

Virtual Reality Peripherals




Neurable attached to HTC Vive HMD
Neurable attached to HTC Vive HMD


teslasuit - haptic technology

Misc VR Apps and Services of Interest

  • Cognitive3d – VR/AR analytics company that specializes in tracking user behavior in digital realities.
  • Learn Immersive – “Learn Immersive puts you in a realistic 3D simulation where you discover how to complete tasks in the foreign language.”
  • Monzo – Digital Model Kits
  • Scandy – custom printed 360 spheres you can hold in your hand
  • Seene – Advanced computer vision technologies designed from the ground up for use on mobile devices in real-time applications.

VR and Immersive Video Content Distributors and Digital Marketplaces


Virtual Reality Development Grants, Foundations and Funding

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