VRTO is a productivity-oriented think tank and discovery group for innovators, developers, inventors, storytellers, content producers, entrepreneurs, hackers, modders, programmers, pioneers, ontologists and adventurers.

Meetups will include practical, exploratory, philosophical and technical discussions as well as content demos about contemporary virtual and augmented reality, opportunities and threats, blue sky and resource swapping, curated by the Editor-In-Chief of IndieGameReviewer.com, Constant Change Media Group (ConstantChangeMedia.com) and Robot Pride Day (RobotPrideDay.com).

Toronto is a powerhouse for independent games development, technology and filmmaking and arts and culture. This meetup is targeted towards drawing the brightest and best, the curious and motivated, the adventurous and courageous together with the aim of pushing this paradigm-shifting new medium towards its best and upper limits.

We realize and recognize there are other group also interested in virtual reality, but strongly believe there is a lot of room for more! This group will bring together great minds from not only the city of Toronto and the GTA but from around the world to discuss the medium as a whole, its social implications and to help export the work of Toronto’s best to the rest of the market.

We look forward to your ideas, recommendations, alliances and feedback so we can make the most of our time together in our common interest for this blazingly fast-emerging modern platform.