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Knoxlabs custom VR goggles

The week in VR – 04-30-2015 – GoPro Spherical, Knoxlabs and View-Master!

GoPro, makers of micro action cameras, (now shooting up to 4K video) acquired Kolor – makers of virtual reality and panoramic video stitching software. While speculation immediately began about GoPro moving into VR, their spherical mount has already been shown on their professional solutions page.


You can check out one of GoPro’s first official spherical videos “Land, Air and Sea” in the native Google Chrome player on YouTube, or below (note: requires Chrome browser to view)

Mattel has redesigned its View-Master, yes THAT View-Master that had you sticking little picture wheels inside their eyepiece throughout the 1970’s. Their new VR Google Cardboard certified product seems to use the old picture wheels for a kind of augmented reality bonus. Of the many “cardboard” offerings in the market, this may be our current favorite. Details TBA

Also, how about getting your own custom branded VR cardboard googles – well Knoxlabs, based out of Los Angeles, will do just that for you.

Knoxlabs custom VR goggles
Los Angeles-based Google Cardboard makers Knoxlabs offer custom VR goggles