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VRTO 2023 Spatial Media World Conference – Final Report

The VRTO Spatial Media World Conference and Expo celebrated its eighth year July 19th-20th, 2023.

Partnering with OCAD U for the second year, the conference occurred at the beautiful new Daniels Waterfront OCADU CO campus. Guests came from as far as Oklahoma, Texas, California, Utah, Washington, New York, and the United Kingdom.

With two days of talks and a wide variety of exhibits to discover, VRTO 2023 surpassed expectations and delighted attendees with a diverse and stimulating program covering the future of spatial computing and how it will evolve to include everyone.

Topics included social VR platforms, performance, and production, UX/UI, Interaction design, GPT, and Generative AI and their use cases and concerns. Opening Remarks were delivered by the Executive Director of VRTO, Keram Malicki-Sanchez, and OCAD University President, Ana Serrano.

“[VRTO 2023] felt like what I hope the VR community will get to in like 5 or 10 years…it was that good.”

-Zimtok5, on the Between Realities podcast

Featured Speakers included:

  • Dr. Tom Furness – Founder of the Virtual World Society and better known as the “Grandfather of Virtual Reality” with Dr. Angelina Dayton, Executive Director of the Virtual World Society, discussed VR as a tool for empathy and healing.
  • Amanda Watson – Creator of Airlink technology for Meta. She delivered a fascinating and challenging talk on how to measure latency, dispelling commonly held beliefs that surprised many veteran developers in the room.
  • Kyle Chivers – Princes Trust Award winner and CCO of Blockade Labs, a company taking the world by storm with its text–to-image 360-degree generative AI environments and where they might need to go from here.
  • Lana Lux – Popular Twitch influencer and solo indie game developer of STRAIN gave a powerful motivational talk about her process, challenges and victories, to rousing, empathetic applause
  • Alan Smithson – Co-founder of MetaVRse spoke on creating their new 3D game engine, The Mall, and the Juicyverse for Wrigley.
  • Ben Unsworth – CTO of Lumeto spoke on the potential of AI and VR to revolutionize healthcare training and how GPT might be used in patient simulations
  • Ashley Huffman – Titan Haptics on the future of haptic technology in XR and demonstrated a one-of-a-kind haptic lightsaber.
  • Daniel Blair – Bit Space Development on the requirements of enterprise XR studios and took a fascinating turn to explore cyber security with headsets, servers and software.
  • AR Dev and Founder of Alientrap, Lee Vermeulen demonstrated a year of AR experiments, including liquid physics interactions, drawing with one’s eyes, AI NPC’s, and portals.
  • Rolando Masís-Obando – Princeton University gave a talk on his landmark research on brain-computer interfaces.
  • TFM Jonny – on radical community building.
  • Patrick Kwok from Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment on leveraging XR in sports entertainment, using volumetric playback to afford pro athletes multiple vantage points of their game for training.
  • David Han and Joel Ong with a collaborative VR art project about capturing the stories of the Jane and Finch community in Mozilla Hubs.
  • Becky Liu from OCAD U with her experiments in mixed reality conversational intelligent agent companions in autonomous vehicles and building better HUDs to work at scale.
  • Tony Bevilacqua from Cognitive 3D discussed how to leverage XR analytics to gather insights from the metaverse.
Ashley Huffman of Titan Haptics demonstrating a prototype for a haptic lightsaber - the first of its kind at VRTO 2023, Toronto Canada.
Ashley Huffman of Titan Haptics demonstrated a prototype for a haptic lightsaber – the first of its kind at VRTO 2023, Toronto Canada.

A room full of attendees at OCAD U Waterfront at VRTO 2023.

“Uniting visionaries and creators, #VirtualRealityTO was an unforgettable event where I got the chance to meet some wonderful people, showcasing cutting-edge tech and fostering collaborations.” – Upcoming Media Inc.

Panels and Discussions included:

  • VR Live Performers Summit and Workshops by pioneers and leaders in the field: Whitton Frank, Ari Tarr, Liam Karry, Jake Runeckles,  Mandy Canales, and Nicole Rigo set out to demystify some of the processes behind the scenes, tracking evolving narratives, and how to handle inevitable glitches in a seamless and entertaining manner.
  • A discussion about reframing immersive storytelling through the eyes of Black creators with Debbie Deer, Tendisai Cromwell, Queen Kukoyi, Kai Little-White, and Nico Taylor veered into a plethora of fascinating XR experiences, including Queen Nefertiti and some health back and forth about the implications of generative AI entering into creative workflows.
  • The evolution of Social VR ecosystems with Chris Madsen (Engage XR), Jaspreet Monga (Mozilla Hubs), Maxx Berkowitz (Nowhere.io), and Ben Erwin (The Poly Awards) and how to develop with an eye towards interoperability, and Metatraversal.
  • A discussion on Generative AI and the law with attorney Amar Sidhu and Keram Malicki-Sanchez explored precedent, transformative use, copyright, through a variety of legal cases and real-world effects
  • A panel with artists using Generative AI, including Blair Renaud, Alex Mayhew, Jeffrey Flores, and Keram Malicki-Sanchez leaned into the creative collaboration with the machine learning tools that include GANs, Nerfs, Generative Art, Generative Pretrained Transformers in art, game design, ideation, writing, and development.
  • Discussions with Tricia Blake, Julie Smithson, Dr. Karen Alexander, and Helen Lundström Erwin from XR Women about how the community grows and shines a light on the creative and productive force that women have had on the XR industry and how they continue to lead it.
Pictured left to right: Orla Garriques, Tendisai Cromwell, Kai Little-White - VRTO 2023
Pictured left to right: Orla Garriques, Tendisai Cromwell, Kai Little-White – VRTO 2023, photo by Zimtok5

On the final day, Keram led an impromptu session where he invited members of the audience to come up to the stage and share their stories, projects, and experience with the crowd. Volunteers of this invitation included Ed Mr. All-In-Wonder Callway from AMD, Nima Zeghani from Leia Pix, Adrien Onsen of Construked Reality, Dario Laverde – head of dev relations for HTC for 12 years, and one of the leaders of the OpenXR initiative, and more.

Left to right: VR Live Performers Summit: Jake Runeckles, Liam Karry, Whitton Frank, Ari Tarr, Nicole Rigo, and Mandy Canales.
Left to right: VR Live Performers Summit: Jake Runeckles, Liam Karry, Whitton Frank, Ari Tarr, Nicole Rigo, and Mandy Canales.

“Attending and speaking at VRTO was something I’ll never forget. Such an amazing opportunity to connect with others passionate about the possibilities and future of VR.”

– Mandy Canales

The Discovery Hall featured interactive demos and exhibits, including a variety of projects from ACE Lab from OCADU, York University’s Sensorium, and Friend Generator. Interactive demos included a dollhouse-sized NBA trainer from Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment, an industrial Chainsaw VR simulator from Winnipeg’s Bit Space Development, and their award-winning indigenous language environments developed for Georgian College and powered by the Engage platform.

Game Developer Lana Lux conducted live VR thought experiments in a secluded room, and AR artist and photographer Stephen Black delighted attendees with his playful AR creations and impromptu headshot sessions. Alex Mayhew’s stunning artwork was on display.

Kelencontent had an exhibit and demo of their content. Games by Stitch exhibited their newly released hand-tracking horror game “Broken Spectre.” Additionally, Alex Coulombe of Agile Lens demoed a variety of cutting-edge VR experiences that included lifelike performative MetaHumans.

Guests mingled in the bright and modern space, enjoying coffee and concessions and posing for pictures in front of the marquee lights.


Attendees also enjoyed an opening night reception and a chance to mingle and relax at the IDFK Gallery in the heart of the Toronto Arts District. Renowned DJ Fame Diet and MetaVRse’s Alan Smithson took turns at the decks while delicious vegan food from eco-friendly caterers Inwit and some bespoke charcuterie were served.

“The team behind VRTO has a proven track record of bringing thought leaders and industry professionals together to share ideas and innovations that are pushing the boundaries of spatial computing. The future of XR is bright, and VRTO is playing a significant role in shaping it.”

Attendees enjoyed the fun and eclectic space and the time to talk and catch up with old friends and new ones. Special thanks to Ian Kelso for supporting VRTO with this amazing and important new art space in the city. Of course, we brought the guests there because this will also be home to FIVARS from September 15th through 19th!


VRTO 2023 opening night party - full of VR innovators and industry leaders at IDFK gallery, Toronto, Canada. photo by Christian Bobak
VRTO 2023 opening night party – full of VR innovators and industry leaders at IDFK gallery, Toronto, Canada. photo by Christian Bobak


Keram Malicki-Sanchez and DJ Shine (Jason Spanu) at IDFK art gallery in Toronto for the VRTO 2023 opening night party. The two are also members of the ambient music project Automated Gardens
Keram Malicki-Sanchez and Fame Diet (“DJ Shine”) at IDFK art gallery in Toronto for the VRTO 2023 opening night party. The two are also members of the ambient music project Automated Gardens

“Definitely put VRTO on your calendar for next year. It’s far more than a regional #XR conference; it’s a vital organ of the industry. VIVA VRTO!” – Ben Erwin, Creator – The Poly Awards

CES 2019

Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2019) – Las Vegas

CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers. Featuring over 1000 speakers and almost 200,000 attendees!

VRTO - Pimax Special Event - Toronto - event poster

VRTO Presents PIMAX’s “VR 2.0 – In Dreams We Live” Canada Exclusive Engagement + Special Talks January 2019

VRTO proudly presents a special event
in partnership with House of VR and the Canadian Film Centre/ideaboost 

Exclusive Canadian Engagement

The Pimax “8K” headset was the result of VR’s most successful Kickstarter campaign, beating out all others, including Oculus, with $4.23M raised when the campaign concluded in November 2017. It’s primary claims to fame were its impressively wide FOV, high-resolution panels, and incorporation of SteamVR tracking. ~ RoadToVR

pimax fov

VRTO is back for its first meetup in 2019! Join us for the exclusive launch of Pimax VR in Canada. Coming straight from CES 2019 with a series of new announcements about the direction of their envelope-pushing head-mounted Virtual Reality displays.

Kevin Henderson, Head of US Operations of Pimax VR, will be joining VRTO in Toronto to showcase the latest version of the 5K and 8K headsets at the House of VR in an exclusive for the country. Henderson says:

“As a contributor to VR 2.0, we are closely working with our partners to bring innovation to the industry and finally give VR enthusiasts and gamers what they have been dreaming of”, he continued.

“VRTO is delighted to continue hard to bring international companies together with local producers, developers and startups,” says Keram Malicki-Sanchez, founder and executive director of VRTO. “We are grateful for the faith Pimax have put in us to handle this special event.”

In addition to the demonstrations of the Pimax 8K series and 5K+ head mounted displays (for the first time in Canada), the evening will feature 4 information packed presentations and we will be joined by Kevin Henderson, Head of US Operations from Pimax who will be making a special trip out to our event to meet the community, crowdfunders, potential partners and most importantly content developers for their technology.

An animated GIF of Pimax Users

We have given some of our speakers advance time with the units so that they can report on their discoveries, musings and advice for building content at this resolution, along with insights about how they are pushing the limits with their own ongoing projects.

We will also be offering a special discount off these headsets only at this event for attendees.

Here is the schedule for the evening. As you can see, it is ambitious and we need everyone’s cooperation to maximize the time.

Event Agenda

7pm | Registration (Name Tag Required)
7:15 | Pimax Demos Open
7:45 – 8:00 pm | Opening Remarks – Stephanie Greenall, Michael Hoang (VRTO) – Kevin Henderson, Head of US Operations from Pimax
8:00 – 8:20 pm | Priam Givord, Designer of Small Wonders, the VR Experience
8:30 – 8:50 pm | Gabriela Kim Passos, Creator of Yumi & Boom
8:50 – 9:00 pm | Break
9:00 – 9:15 pm | Blair Renaud, Creator of Technolust, and Technolust 2
9:20 – 9:35 pm | Joanne-Aśka Popińska, Founder of Tribe of Pan
9: 35 – 10: 00 pm | PIMAX Demonstrations and Networking Continue

Thank you to House of VR, our host for the event and to our innovation partner the Canadian Film Centre / ideaboost.

The event is free of charge, as always, thanks to the support of our sponsors, partners and volunteers. Please be aware that there are only 100 initial spots available for the talks and 5 minute demos (with 5-minute turnover) will be on a first come first serve basis from a sign-up sheet onsite.

All guests must register individually–so do not delay in signing up!

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @VRToronto  for social details leading up to and around the event, and please make sure to sign up for our VR industry newsletter for further details and insights.

Signup for this Meetup Now!


Thank you to our event partners!
House-of-VR CFC ideaboost logo


Here are some photos from the event! We had a terrific turnout and thank everyone who came and worked so hard on this!

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