VRTO – Toronto’s Spatial Media Arts Conference – Returns To Earth This July 20-21

Have you ever wondered how the latest Star Trek series brings their alien worlds to life? How will a new form of immersive, experiential television blur the lines between the real world and the virtual one? And who owns the art that AI is generating? Answers to these questions and more, only at VRTO!

VRTO is a special two-day event featuring a bleeding-edge conference track, fast-track workshops, an exhibits hall comprising the core spatial media community, and a special symposium where attendees will network and learn about Virtual Production, live VR theater performance, Hyperreality TV, natural language Holodecks, next-gen haptics—in short: new and fast-expanding technologies defining the future of production for entertainment, television and film, arts, performance, design, and communications.

The Pixomondo team at work on Star Trek in Toronto
The Pixomondo team at work on Star Trek in Toronto

You will be a part of the behind-the-curtain view of these sectors; consumers have more access to being creators in their own right. Not only will you leave this conference with innovative knowledge of how immersive media is spanning industries, but you will gain the leadership to take these ideas with you and incorporate them into your own user industry.

Event Highlights

Join us in the interactive Exhibits Hall featuring a variety of projects and products pushing the boundaries of this rapidly expanding, complex, and nuanced industry—from multi-user virtual worlds to the latest Augmented Reality art exhibits, (and some free pinball). Be in the same space with today’s startups, and dev studios, playtesting new games before release, and meet companies looking to hire. Be at the centre of Toronto’s tech industry and its key players.

Enter our Workshops featuring instructors that include Award-winning Tisch instructor Ari Tarr and discover the secrets to using 3D web-based and Virtual Reality technologies for live theatre performance and dance, or take a deep dive into the increasingly ubiquitous Virtual Production pipeline with the Emmy-Award-winning team Pixomondo as they show you how they brought the worlds of Star Trek: Discovery, Strange New Worlds, and Halo to life.

Learn from our esteemed Speakers including Tim Bettridge (Voice Tech Global,) Michael Rosas (Virtualware,) Shenaz Baksh (LIFT/ SIRT), Ashley Huffman (TITAN Haptics,) Dario Laverde (HTC), and Justin Cathcart (Dark Slope) to name only a few of the rare experts featured at this year’s special summit.

Featured Discussions include:

Virtual Humans & Production | AI, GPT-3, GANs, ML, Processing, Image to Text, Computer Vision, Chatbots | Marketing, Retail, & Commerce | The Spatial Web | Immersive Game & Experience Design | Live Performance & Events in Virtual & Hybrid Worlds | The Future of Work & Play | Education, Training, Metrics & Analysis | Accessibility, Neurodiversity, Design & Communications | Health, Data Capture & Visualization | Enterprise | Law, Ethics, Privacy and much more.

Exhibits hall is free with registration on the event site. For additional information on events, see individual ticket descriptions.

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